Designed and engineered with meticulous attention to detail, the Integra DTM-7.4 Hi-Fi Network Stereo Receiver offers audiophile-grade sound alongside cutting-edge connectivity options and a full suite of custom installation features.

Hi-Fi for All

With HDMI ARC technology and support for 8K visual content, the Integra DTM-7.4 Hi-Fi Network Stereo Receiver seamlessly integrates into any home entertainment system, delivering high-resolution audio output while optimizing space efficiency, particularly in compact environments. With audiophile-grade sound and a full suite of custom installation features, this receiver is made for the discerning Hi-Fi consumer with a professionally-configured system.

Custom integration software
tools for streamlined installation

Working with our partners at Control4, Crestron, Josh, Savant, and others, the Integra DTM-7.4 comes packed with a full suite of CI software tools to make installation a breeze. Featuring web setup, IP control, RS232, IR in/out and remote control and diagnostics, this stereo receiver is built for busy professionals configuring premium home entertainment systems.

High resolution sound

The precision-engineered DTM-7.4’s optimized componentry ensures focused, refined audio output. With gold-plated terminals, audio-grade capacitors, and carefully chosen copper elements, this stereo receiver delivers pristine sound reproduction and minimizes vibration, driving loudspeakers with expert control for an elevated listening experience.

Engineered for vinyl enthusiasts

Designed with vinyl enthusiasts in mind, the Integra DTM-7.4 boasts patented discrete op amp circuitry and an isolated MM/MC phono board, preserving delicate phono signals for enhanced clarity and superior audio performance.

Audiophile streaming built-in

Users can effortlessly access their favorite high-resolution music streaming platforms with this stereo receiver which has been integrated with our partners at Roon, Tidal, Deezer, and more to transform any space into a haven of hi-fi sound.

Designed for the smart home era

With modern smart home technology in mind, the Integra DTM-7.4 features built-in third-party assistants like Apple and Google to ensure unparalleled connectivity and compatibility for the ultimate home entertainment ecosystem.

Technical details

Experience high resolution audio playback thanks to AKM’s premium 32bit/768kHz stereo DAC (AK4452). Capable of supporting wide range signals and at low power consumption, this DAC achieves the industry’s best low distortion characteristics.

Our symmetrical Class G amplifier ensures an efficient, accurate reproduction of audio signals across the entire frequency range. With our low negative feedback (NFB) design, this amp achieves greater transparency and musicality by minimizing distortion and interference for a more natural, dynamic listening experience.

Offering superior conductivity and corrosion resistance, the DTM-7.4’s gold-plated speaker terminals and RCA inputs ensure optimal signal transfer with minimal signal degradation for cleaner, more stable audio connections.

Custom transformer and low-impedance capacitors deliver unparalleled dynamism and lifelike sound reproduction, ensuring natural note transitions so nuances in attack, decay, sustain, and release are voiced with conviction.

Simplify your setup with HDMI ARC technology that uses a single cable for both audio playback and device control.

This robust power output provides room-filling sound with ample headroom for dynamic playback and immersive listening experiences.