A precision-fit rack mount designed to ensure your Integra AV Receiver is in a prime position for your home theater system.

Integra AV Receivers compatible with IRK1804C:

DTR-50.1 DTR-70.1 DTR-80.1 DTA-70.1 DTR-50.2 DTR-70.2 DTR-80.2
DHC-80.2 DTR-50.3 DTR-70.3 DTR-80.3 DHC-80.3 DTR-70.4 DTR-50.5
DTR-60.5 DHC-60.5 DTR-50.6 DTR-60.6 DTR-70.6 DHC-80.6 DTR-50.7
DTR-60.7 DHC-60.7 DRX-5 DRX-7 DRX-R1 DRC-R1 DRX-5.1
DRX-7.1 DRX-R1.1 DRC-R1.1 DRX-5.2 DRX-5.3 DRX-7.3 DRA-R1
DRX-5.4 DRX-8.4 DTR-50.4 DRX-R1.3 DRC-R1.3