11 Trading Company Limited Consumer Warranty United States PLEASE RETAIN YOUR ORIGINAL BILL OF SALE AS YOU WILL NEED TO PRESENT IT SHOULD YOU REQUIRE SERVICE UNDER THIS WARRANTY. IntegraHomeTheater.com & 11 Trading Company (hereinafter referred to as “INTEGRA”) hereby warrants all Integra brand products (“Products”) PURCHASED DIRECTLY FROM INTEGRA OR AN INDEPENDENT INTEGRA AUTHORIZED DEALER, in accordance with the following terms and conditions for the periods indicated. During the “Labor” Limited Warranty period there will be no charge for covered labor charges performed by an INTEGRA Authorized Independent Service Center. During the “Parts” Limited Warranty period, there will be no charge for replacement parts installed by an INTEGRA Authorized Independent Service Center. This LIMITED WARRANTY shall be valid from October 1, 2016, and shall apply to Products sold after that date. INTEGRA may amend the terms of this LIMITED WARRANTY and its clauses, or applications from time to time without notice; however any such changes shall only apply to Products purchased after the effective date of change. To obtain a copy of the INTEGRA Limited Warranty in effect on the date that you purchased your Product, please contact 11 Trading Company in writing by mail at; 11 Trading Company, LLC 3502 Woodview Trace #200 Indianapolis, IN 46268 Attn: Warranty Department, or at service@11tradingcompany.com. This limited warranty applies only to hardware products manufactured by or for INTEGRA that can be identified by the “INTEGRA®” trademark, trade name or logo affixed to them. It does not apply to non-INTEGRA supplied goods or any software or service, even if packaged or sold with INTEGRA branded Products or identified as available in any owner’s manual or other materials. Manufacturers, suppliers, online service providers and publishers, other than INTEGRA, may provide their own warranties to you, but INTEGRA, to the extent permitted by applicable law, provides such third-party products “AS IS”. Please refer to any licensing agreement, terms of use, terms of service or other materials accompanying the software or service for warranties, terms of service, terms of use, and subscriber or purchaser rights with respect to its use. WARNING: IF YOU PURCHASE AN INTEGRA PRODUCT FROM AN UNAUTHORIZED INTERNET DEALER, YOUR INTEGRA WARRANTY WILL NOT BE VALID.

New Products:

Receivers 3 Years Parts & Labor
DVD Players 3 Years Parts & Labor
CD Players 3 Year Parts & Labor
Amplifier 3 Years Parts & Labor
Soundbar Systems 3 Years Parts & Labor
Processors 3 Years Parts & Labor

Refurbished Products:

Receivers 2 Years Parts & Labor
DVD Players 2 Years Parts & Labor
CD Players 2 Year Parts & Labor
Amplifier 2 Years Parts & Labor
Soundbar Systems 2 Years Parts & Labor
Processors 2 Years Parts & Labor

This Limited Warranty is extended only to the original purchaser and is subject to the Exclusions set forth below. Commencing with the date of original consumer purchase and continuing for the respective periods specified above, INTEGRA agrees to repair, or replace, at INTEGRA’s sole expense, all INTEGRA brand Products purchased directly from INTEGRA or from an Independent INTEGRA Authorized Dealer, which are defective in material or workmanship during ordinary consumer use. A dated purchase receipt or other proof of the original purchase date is required for Warranty service. Repairs may be completed using new or refurbished parts that meet or exceed INTEGRA specifications for new parts. INTEGRA, at its sole discretion, through an INTEGRA Authorized Independent Service Center repair or replace a product with a refurbished or reconditioned unit having comparable features and a limited consumer warranty or refund the original purchase price. This Limited Warranty ONLY COVERS failure due to defects in original materials or workmanship. It DOES NOT COVER normal wear and tear, cosmetic damage, commercial use (such as in a hotel, office, restaurant, or other business), rental use of the product or any of the matters listed below under EXCLUSIONS.Exclusions IF YOU PURCHASE AN INTEGRA PRODUCT FROM AN UNAUTHORIZED DEALER, YOUR INTEGRA WARRANTY WILL NOT BE VALID, please use our authorized dealer locator. INTEGRA cannot and does not warrant uninterrupted or error-free operation of the product or any service or station available through the use of the Product. Performance of the Product can be affected by many factors outside the control of INTEGRA, including, but not limited to system configuration, software, applications, your internet access, data download and upload speeds, third party services for which subscriptions are required, distance from broadcasters, signal strength, and data and operator control of the system, among other factors. Though the product is considered to be compatible with equipment provided by other manufacturers, it is the user’s responsibility to determine compatibility and integration with other products, services or systems. This Warranty does not apply with respect to any of the following:

  1. Defects or damage caused by accident, fire, smoke, flood, water damage, power surge (or related electrical abnormalities), lightning or other acts of nature.
  2. Defects or damage caused by abuse, misuse, negligence, accident, unauthorized product modification or service, or failure to observe the instructions contained in the manual furnished at the time of original purchase.
  3. Deterioration or failure due to or arising because of exposure to corrosive atmosphere, including but not limited to; smoke, high humidity or extreme temperature.
  4. Damage caused during shipment or handling.
  5. Products purchased from anyone other than INTEGRA or an Independent Integra Authorized Dealer. If you are uncertain as to whether a dealer is authorized, please contact Integra’s Customer Relations Department or check the Dealer and Service Locator.
  6. Products that have had their serial numbers or rating labels altered or removed.
  7. Products purchased in “AS IS” condition or sold or noted as “DEMO” or “DISPLAY”.
  8. Products that have been altered or repaired by anyone other than INTEGRA or an Integra independent authorized service station in a manner that has affected their performance, interoperability, stability or reliability.
  9. Products whose software, firmware or other operating systems have been modified or altered other than via an INTEGRA provided download or by an Integra independent authorized service center in accordance with INTEGRA provided software, firmware or other operating system upgrade or update.
  10. Accessories attached to or to be used with Integra products, such as antennas, batteries, cables, cable boxes, signal converters, etc.
  11. Any product attached to or used with the INTEGRA Product.
  12. Packing materials and cosmetic items.
  13. Parts which have prescribed useful lives dependent upon the degree of their use, such as styli, cassette heads, idler wheels, batteries, etc.
  14. Damage attributable to battery leakage.
  15. Installation and removal of Products, setup, adjustments or signal reception issues.
  16. Maintenance, cleaning or periodic check-ups.
  17. Adjustments or alterations required for compatibility with conditions pertaining to foreign countries.

PARTS AND SERVICE (INCLUDING ANY COSTS OF OR RELATING TO ANY ON-SITE SERVICE CALL, WHERE APPLICABLE) WHICH ARE NOT COVERED BY THIS LIMITED WARRANTY ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.Obtaining Warranty Service To obtain warranty service, take or ship your INTEGRA Product to an INTEGRA Authorized Independent Service Center, together with a note describing your complaint and your copy of the dated purchase receipt. Repairs are not performed at our headquarters; all repairs must be performed by our INTEGRA Authorized Independent Service Centers. For a list of INTEGRA Authorized Independent Service Centers please go to; www.integrahometheater.com, under, Support or call Integra USA at 800-225-1946 for the location of an INTEGRA Authorized Independent Service Center. Please also include in any mailing; a contact name, address and email address or telephone number. If you choose to ship your INTEGRA product to an INTEGRA Authorized Independent Service Center, all shipping arrangements must be made by you and all shipping charges and insurance must be fully prepaid. Any INTEGRA product shipped in its entirety must be properly packaged to avoid shipping damage. Any shipping damage incurred as a result of improper or insufficient packaging will be the responsibility of the shipper. INTEGRA will pay all return shipping charges for INTEGRA products that have been serviced under this warranty. Any service or repair for items not covered by this limited warranty shall be at the Authorized Independent Service Center’s rates and terms then in effect. Contact an INTEGRA Authorized Independent Service Center for details. Integra makes this warranty subject to the following limitations:

  1. This limited Warranty is valid only within the continental United States of America, Hawaii and Alaska.
  2. This limited Warranty is valid only for Products purchased in and for use in the United States.
  3. To be covered by this warranty the INTEGRA product concerned must have been purchased directly from INTEGRA or directly from an Independent INTEGRA Authorized Dealer and the person seeking warranty service must reside in one of the states of the United States of America, in the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands. This warranty extends only to the original retail purchaser and cannot be transferred to anyone.
  5. This warranty is valid only with respect to repairs affected by Integra or an Integra authorized independent service center.

CONSUMER PROTECTION NOTICE: Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts and some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state. The Limitations on this Warranty are intended to be only as broad and inclusive as is permitted by federal law and the laws of your state of residence. If you are an Indiana consumer, the Limitations on this Warranty are intended to be only as broad and inclusive as is permitted by the laws of the State of Indiana. Integra reserves all rights, defenses, and permissible limitations under the law of your state of residence.