Why Integra Remains the Most Trusted Name in Custom Integration

Integra has been synonymous with high fidelity since 1969, when the name identified industry-leading flagship amplifiers. Thirty years later in 1999, Integra launched as a standalone brand dedicated to emerging home installation markets with a range of solutions that dealers and installers could stake their reputations on.

Because of our close relationship with these professionals, the Integra lineup continues to evolve organically with the needs of a rapidly changing marketplace while exceeding the high expectations of our customers.

At the same time, we’ve led the industry by demonstrating how state-of-the-art technologies can improve lifestyles in tangible ways. We’ve powered innovation and backed it up with swift and reliable support. This philosophy has established Integra as a dominant player in tailored home entertainment solutions.

The reasons for Integra’s success go beyond continual research and development and into the relationships formed with the professionals who integrate our components into modern homes, and with the people who use them.

The Integra 701 integrated amplifier is still revered in audio circles almost half a century since its release in 1969.

The DRX-7 is one among many new products that Integra proudly shares with its customers, who love movies and music just as much as we do.

Integra Quality Assurance Program

Integra’s reputation goes on the line with every product we make at our facility. Each component is exhaustively tested to ensure the trust our customers place in Integra is rewarded.

Integra owners understand what our name really means: passion without compromise. Our engineers love music and film. They’re always looking for new ways to share that obsession by combining hard-won experience with the know-how of our industry partners, so music and film enthusiasts can enjoy superior entertainment.

It goes without saying that Integra reproduces the audio and video source without loss, faithful to the original in every respect, and brimming with emotion intended by musicians and film directors alike.

Every part, every circuit, every detail has been measured against Integra standards. If it doesn’t pass muster, we build our own. We meticulously engineer Integra components to ensure that no matter how hard they’re driven, they exceed expectations effortlessly. The core value of all Integra products can be concisely summed up as “over-built”.

Abundant connections in a variety of interfaces make integration easy with new and existing control systems. Initial setup is streamlined and daily operation simplified for a more satisfying overall experience.

Other brands may deliver respectable sonic performance, but few can match our holistic end-to-end approach to design or our decades of market experience, which delivers home entertainment that’s not only transcendent, but also makes daily operation a pleasure.

If you’re serious about delivering best-in-class integrated home entertainment, there’s only one choice you can make with confidence: Integra—trusted by home installation professionals for delivering seamless and immersive entertainment to discerning enthusiasts.

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