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DSR-7.3 *
5.1 Channel Progressive Scan DVD Receiver
DSR-4.8 *
Integrated 2.1- Channel DVD Receiver with HDMI
DPT-1 *
Premium 301-Disc DVD/CD Mega-Changer
DPS-9.1 *
THX Ultra DVD Audio/Video Player
DPS-8.3 *
THX Ultra Certified DVD-Audio/Video & SACD Player
DPS-7.3 *
THX Ultra Certified DVD Video/Audio Player
DPS-7.2 *
THX Ultra Certiifed DVD Video/Audio Player
DPS-6.9 *
Single Disc DVD-A/V & SACD Player w/1080p scaling
DPS-6.5 *
Universal DVD-Audio/Video & SACD Player
DPS-5.9 *
1080p Upscaling Single-Disc Progressive Scan DVD Player
DPS-5.4 *
DVD/CD Player
DPS-5.3 *
DVD/CD Player
DPS-5.2 *
DVD/CD Player
DPS-10.5 *
THX Ultra Universal Player with Built-in HD Scaler
DPC-8.5 *
Multi-Format DVD-Audio / SACD Changer
DPC-7.9 *
Direct Progressive 6-Disc DVD Changer w/HDMI
DPC-7.7 *
Direct Progressive 6-Disc DVD Changer w/HDMI
DPC-7.5 *
Direct Progressive Six-Disc DVD Changer
DPC-7.4 *
Direct Progressive Six-Disc DVD Changer
DPC-6.1 *
Premium 6-Disc DVD/CD Changer
DPC-5.3 *
5-Disc Carousel DVD/CD Changer
DPC-5.2 *
5 Disc Carousel DVD/CD Changer
DPC-5.1 *
Premium 5-Disc DVD/CD Changer
DHS-8.8 *
HD DVD Player
DBS-50.2 *
THX Certified Blu-ray Disc Player
DBS-30.2 *
Blu-ray Disc Player
DBS-30.1 *
Profile 2.0 Blu-ray Disc Player
*prior year model. limited availability
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