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Integra Introduces THX Ultra Certified Universal Player
10/23/02 - Integra has introduced the DPS-8.3, a THX Ultra certified DVD player that is compatible with nearly every digital disc format in use, including DVD-Audio and SACD. Designed to meet the needs of the most discerning consumers and custom installers, the player is equally suited for use as an audio-only, or A/V source component."The introduction of high-quality DVD-Audio and SACD players and software in recent years has given consumers the promise of a steep improvement in audio reproduction quality" said Eric Harper, Integra and Custom Installation Product Manager. "Now, with the DPS-8.3, the question of format becomes obsolete: consumers can once again make musical choices based on what they want to hear, not what format their equipment can support." As a reference quality DVD video player, the DPS-8.3 features an impressive array of parts and processing, including a sophisticated 108 MHz/12-Bit D/A converter, and internal decoding for DTS and Dolby Digital. The unit's two progressive scan component video outputs – including one set of BNC connections – include reverse 3:2 pulldown, which removes the unwanted video artifacts generated in converting film-based sources to video. It also features two S-video and two composite video outputs, and all video outputs are parallel and always active.Audio reproduction is handled by 192 kHz/24-bit D/A converters, and the unit includes internal decoding of Dolby Digital, DTS, and MP3 encoded material. Integra's Direct Digital Path provides a direct signal path to the coaxial digital output using a heavy gauge shielded coaxial cable. This bypasses the noisy PC board traces used in lesser players, resulting in a superior digital output. For audio-only selections, the player's video circuit can be shut down entirely, resulting in the purest audio processing.For custom installation needs, the DPS-8.3 includes bi-directional RS-232 control, and a rear panel infrared input and output. The DPS-8.3 will be available in October at a suggested retail price of $1200.
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