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Integra Upgrades Future Proof Receiver to THX Ultra2 and DTS 96/24
04/30/02 - When Integra first introduced its top-of-the-line DTR-9.1 home theater receiver two years ago, it featured a revolutionary future-proof upgradeable processor that protected consumers from having their receiver rendered obsolete each time a new home theater processing technology was introduced. In 2001, the company offered an upgrade that added DTS-ES and Dolby Pro Logic 2. Today, Integra is announcing a program to upgrade these receivers to accommodate the new THX Ultra2 and DTS 96/24 home theater and multi-channel audio sound formats, and to add a variable subwoofer crossover for improved bass accuracy. The company also introduced the new DTR-9.1U2 which incorporates all these changes. With this upgrade, the two-year-old Integra DTR-9.1 is equipped to decode the latest in audio processing formats, said Eric Harper, Integra & Custom Installation Product Manager. This gives our customers and installers the ability to keep pace with state of the art technology, without having to buy a new receiver every six months.Like the earlier THX Ultra standard, THX Ultra2 certifies that the Integra DTR–9.1 offers superior audio and video specifications, which have been updated to reflect new technology. In addition, because many multichannel titles lack Surround-EX encoding, the more stringent Ultra2 standard specifies sophisticated CinemaMode processing which automatically detects any program of 5.1 channels or more, and optimally reproduces it on a 7.1-channel system.The addition of DTS 96/24 technology also provides a dramatic upgrade to the Integra DTR-9.1’s capabilities. The DTS 96/24 standard allows conventional video DVDs to include 5.1-channel sound tracks with audio quality comparable to wide bandwidth, high dynamic range formats like DVD-Audio and SACD, while still allowing for full-motion video. The upgrade also provides a variable subwoofer crossover can be set at 80, 100, or 120 Hz, except when using THX processing which fixes the low-pass filter at 80 Hz. The upgrade, which will be available in June with a retail price of $500, requires internal hardware and software modifications that will be performed by regional service centers. An introductory $200 discount will be offered until August 30, 2002. Customers who purchased the DTS-ES and Dolby Pro Logic II upgrade last year will be given an additional $50 credit because those features are also included with the new upgrade. The price includes the cost of shipping and insurance to the service center. The Integra DTR-9.1U2 will be available in July with a suggested retail price of $3,600.
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