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Integra introduces Multi-Room Expansion Kit
02/28/02 - Integra has introduced the AKN-1 A-Bus expansion kit, which allows a single Integra A-Bus receiver to provide high quality audio to as many as four additional rooms of the house. This remote zone solution consists of four in-wall amplified keypads, a power supply unit and an infrared remote control unit. When connected via standard CAT-5 cables to an A-Bus ready Integra receiver, the system provides convenient, seamless audio in four distinct remote zones. Each KP-AB1 keypad functions as an all-in-one remote-zone volume control, infrared receiver, and high-quality stereo amplifier. Because the attractive keypad is flush-mounted in a standard UL/CSA electrical J-Box, it is as invisible as a standard light switch. A single run of eight-conductor cable, such as CAT-5, is all that is needed to transfer the signal, power, and IR control between the receiver-based hub and remote keypads via a single run. The keypad's internal amplifier is capable of driving a pair of in-wall, on-wall or standard enclosure loudspeakers. Variable line-out connections can be used to drive an external power amplifier or powered subwoofer for environments requiring greater power. Internal trim potentiometers can be set to adjust speaker balance at installation. The RC-AB1 remote control can be used to control zone volume and power, or to ""teach"" learning remotes for complete system control from a single remote. Remote signals are relayed to the receiver-based hub via the keypad's IR window, and the included IR emitters relay these signals from the hub to any desired source equipment, such as DSS or CD players. Integra's AKN-1 A-Bus four room expansion kit is currently available at a suggested retail price of $1000. Individual KP-AB1 keypads can be purchased at a suggested retail price of $200.
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