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Integra to Develop Internet Audio Components
01/26/02 - Integra today announced plans to develop home entertainment products using Imerge's XiVA technology for the distribution of streaming audio programs over conventional wired and wireless Ethernet networks. These products will result from today's announcement of a licensing agreement between Integra's parent company, Onkyo Corporation of Osaka, Japan, and Imerge Ltd, of Cambridge, United Kingdom.XiVA allows personal computers, audio servers, and other audio components to share the same network, providing instantaneous, multi-zone access to music servers and on-line streaming-digital media sources such as internet radio. According to Integra Senior V.P., Mark Friedman, With the rapid projected growth in wired and wireless home networking, Integra's upcoming XiVA-enabled products will deliver high-quality music and internet radio anywhere on a network without interfering with computer functions, and more importantly, without the current need to install additional wiring for a separate audio network. This will give Integra's many custom audio/video installation contractors a new tool for the creation of sophisticated multi-source, multi-zone whole-house entertainment systems.Steve Croft, Head of Technology Licensing at Imerge commented, We are delighted to be working with Integra and this latest deal confirms that XiVA is the leading technology for companies looking to develop next generation home entertainment products. Imerge describes XiVA as a highly portable software framework that powers advanced home media servers like the Integra audio server and Imerge's own revolutionary SoundServer range of award-winning M1000 and S1000 stereo audio servers. XiVA technology comprises embedded software and hardware reference platforms that power the next generation of networked hard disk based Media Appliances. XiVA makes it easy to receive, record, store, access and manage vast amounts of digital entertainment content using cost-effective, fast, hard disks as the primary storage medium. This gives revolutionary multiple access to any piece of content, from any room in the house, at the same time ­ the heart of an entertainment-centric home network or home gateway application. A new Internet based entertainment service, XiVA-Net, is designed to work together with any XiVA powered media appliance to deliver personalized content direct to the user. Based in Cambridge, UK, Imerge develops Next Generation Home Media Appliance Technology (XiVA) for licensing and finished-product sales.
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