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Integra's HDR-1 Digital Music Library
01/25/02 - Integra has introduced the HDR-1 Digital Music Library which can store over 700 hours (about 1 month’s worth or well over 10,000 3-4 minute songs) of MP3 music files or about 70 hours worth of uncompressed CD audio. The music is stored on an audio-grade 40-Gigabyte hard disk drive where songs can be rapidly accessed in any order for high-quality single- and multi-room audio playback. Music can be recorded to the HDR-1 from a personal computer, conventional audio or digital inputs, or using the built-in Compact Discs player. In keeping with Integra's focus on custom installation, the HDR-1 also has an RS-232 control port for integration with various multi-room home automation systems. With its low-noise hard disk, CD drive, and premium digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital converters, the Integra HDR-1 is first and foremost an audio component. The HDR-1 allows consumers to easily transfer music onto its hard disk for storage as PCM (standard CD audio) or MP3 files. These files can then be played through a conventional audio system. For convenience, the recorder has One-Touch CD-to-HDD recording, Signal-Syncro recording, three-speed recording, and timer record and playback. The HDD can sort music by genre, artist, album, title, or date. Users can create up to 10 custom play lists, and an Input & Edit function allows the easy modification of file data. As anyone with a computer on their desktop knows, computer-grade hard disk drives are relatively noisy, especially when they are accessing data. Thanks, however, to the use of a premium Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) motor, this is not a problem with the HDR-1. The FDB motor uses viscous oil as its rotational element instead of metal ball bearings. This eliminates metal-to-metal contact and provides exceptional quietness, impact resistance, and durability. In order to control the quality of the MP3's produced, Integra chose to use the highly regarded Fraunhoffer IIS MP3 encode/decode engine for fast, and more importantly, accurate recording of MP3s. It has selectable 196/128/96 bps MP3 bitrade encoding. HDR-1's audio-quality CD player has a 24-bit/96kHz Crystal D/A that is mounted on a separate circuit board from the control circuits. It can play audio CDs, MP3 CDs, and CD-Rs. Analog input signals are routed to Crystal 24-bit/96kHz A/D converters for optimum fidelity and dynamic range. Built-in sampling rate converters allow the user to optimize sound quality vs. data storage.The HDR-1 has one stereo analog, one optical digital, and one coaxial digital inputs; two stereo analog and one optical digital output; RS-232 control port; and one USB port.
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