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DTR-8.2 is the First A/V Receiver With A-Bus for Easy Multiroom Audio
01/25/02 - Integra has introduced the DTR-8.2 THX Surround EX home theater receiver with many extra features designed to meet the needs of custom audio video installers, including the ability to support four remote zones through the first ever use of A-BUS™ multiroom audio technology in a receiver. The DTR-8.2 is a full-featured, THX-Select certified home theater receiver with 7.1-channel THX Surround EX, DTS-ES Extended Surround, Dolby Pro Logic II, and a seven-channel power amplifier rated at 110 Watts per channel. It also includes the company's new CHAD model LCD touch-screen IR/RF remote control, which is normally a $500 option. The Integra DTR-8.2, with its A-BUS features, is the first AV receiver capable of directly supporting four remote zones. A-BUS technology uses inexpensive Cat 5 cable to deliver very high quality sound to loudspeakers located in any room of the house. The same cable also provides 24-volts DC power to the zones and carries system control signals back to the receiver. The Integra DTR-8.2 includes a built-in A-BUS hub with four Ethernet-style RJ-45 multi-zone connectors that link to each remote room. Each room has a power amplifier, keypad, and infrared remote control receiver combined into a single-gang box somewhat similar to a light switch. The keypad provides on/off and volume control for one pair of speakers. An infrared receiver allows a hand-held remote control to operate the Integra receiver and any connected components from the remote room. Even without A-BUS, the Integra DTR-8.2 would be a remarkable home theater receiver. With premium THX Surround EX, Dolby Digital, and DTS-ES Extended Surround processors, it can create a highly-coherent sound stage with excellent ambient effects from properly encoded digital sources. It also has Dolby Pro Logic II to achieve similar effects from stereo recordings and analog surround sources like hi-fi VCRs, old video disc players and stereo TVs. The premium 192-kHz/24-bit DACs (Digital-to-Analog Converters), more typical of expensive stand-alone processors, provide wide frequency response and excellent dynamics, and can also be used for digital up-sampling. For analog sources, the direct/pure audio mode can bypass all digital processing for super-high sound quality. The seven 110-Watt power amplifiers use the company's highly acclaimed Wide Range Amplifier Technology (WRAT) do deliver high power levels across a 10 Hz-to-100 kHz bandwidth. The Integra DTR-8.2 is more than ready for HDTV high definition video, thanks to its professional-grade 50 MHz component video switching capabilities, and two component video inputs and one output. It also has six audio/video inputs with composite and S-Video connectors including a front-panel input. A Composite to S-Video Conversion circuit allows the mixing of different types of source inputs. There are 7 assignable digital audio inputs (4 optical and 3 coaxial) and one front-panel optical input. A 7.1-channel multichannel input provides for DVD-Audio, SACD or any future multichannel audio source. There are stereo RCA inputs for three audio-only sources, including a phono input, and line-level preamp outputs for all channels. Despite the vast array of features, the Integra DTR-8.2 is easy to use with on-screen and front-panel displays. Less-frequently used controls are located behind a flip-down front panel. A-Form listening mode memory automatically puts the system in the correct processor mode for each source, saving preferences for DTS, or Dolby Digital, etc. The CHAD Custom Home Automation Device has a large touch-screen LCD display that is easy to read, intuitive to operate, versatile in its use of infrared and, radio frequency (when used with an optional receiver) interfaces, and it can be customized to replace every other remote control on the coffee table. The touch-screen animated display generates large virtual buttons that are easy to see, and a virtual keyboard can be used to create custom labels for buttons and features. There are also convenient conventional control buttons for volume, channel and mute. CHAD is also upgradeable via software downloads. The custom installer features go well beyond A-Bus with its Zones A, B, C, and D. There is an RS-232 control port for interfacing with systems from Crestron, Panja, AMX, and others. The receiver also supports a Zone 2 with full A/V outputs, 12 Volt DC trigger, and remote IR jacks
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