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Integra Unleashes CHAD remote
01/25/02 - Integra has released the CHAD Custom Home Automation Device, a graphical touchscreen learning remote control unit that is fully customizable. The hand-held controller can easily be configured to operate any device with an infrared remote. It features 2 MB of internal memory, programmable macros and timers, and an RS-232 interface so it can be customized with a home PC. An optional receiver allows the unit to use radio frequency (RF) signals to transmit from room to room. Home theater has become so powerful and accessible that many viewing rooms have five or more remote controls cluttering up the coffee table. Integra's CHAD allows the consumer to replace all those remotes with one unit. CHAD can also be programmed to perform a series of up to 255 tasks across multiple components with the touch of a single button. The DVD player, A/V receiver, and television can all be switched on, the proper input line selected, and the home theater lighting dimmed with a single macro-programmed option. CHAD offers two options for adding new devices. Components can be selected from the internal database of more than 500 brands, even if the remote control is lost for a component. In addition, the CHAD can 'learn' even the most obscure functions directly from a remote, so there is never any sacrifice in functionality. New devices can be added directly to the home screen, and then functions are defined using an onscreen virtual keyboard and customized to suit the user's taste and needs. The unit can also be customized using a PC with the RS-232 interface and Integra's CHAD Edit software, and can be upgraded or expanded with new macros and functions from the Internet. The software allows nearly unlimited flexibility and the ability to customize touchscreen layout and button appearance. With the optional RFR-5 RF Receiver and Distribution Block, the CHAD can operate on an RF signal instead of IR. This allows the unit to operate equipment through furniture and walls, and extends its useful range to nearly 70 feet. The optional BCC-5 Docking Cradle allows the CHAD to operate on a rechargeable battery pack.
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