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Integra Debuts its First DLP Video Projection System
01/25/02 - Integra and Faroudja have teamed up to create an HDTV-ready video projection system that produces an exceptionally clear and bright high-definition image of up to 100 inches measured diagonally. The Integra DLV-100FP1 video projection system allows consumers to enjoy the movie-theater experience at home, with the action projected on a large movie screen instead of coming out of a box. This system consists of the compact Integra DLV-100 Digital Light Processing (DLP) Video Projector, and the FPV-1 Digital Video Processor, which was co-developed and co-branded with Faroudja Laboratories. The tiny Integra DLV-100 DLP projector, which measures just 9-1/2-inches wide, 7-3/4-inches deep, and 2 inches tall, is easily mounted on a table or a rear wall, or turned upside-down and hung from the ceiling. Because it uses a single DLP chip, it requires no complex color and image alignments, making it easy to install and setup. The Integra DLV-100 has an XGA native resolution of 1024x768, so it is HDTV ready. It produces 1000 ANSI Lumens in Normal mode, and 750-800 ANSI when operating in Long Life mode, which extends bulb life and provides even quieter fan operation. The Integra DLV-100 accepts composite, S-Video, and RGB inputs. A PC control port provides an interface with AMX, Crestron, and other home automation systems, and allows for computer interactivity. A USB port provides direct connection of a mouse for use with on-screen menus. Other popular features include Digital Zoom, a built-in slot for a Compact Flash card, and a presentation viewer for creating ""slide shows"" with images from a digital camera. The Integra/Faroudja FPV-1 Digital Processor converts an interlaced signal into an unadulterated, high frequency 768p progressive signal that is a pixel-to-pixel match with the DLV-100. Faroudja’s patented Diagonal Correlation Deinterlacing prevents jagged-edged motion artifacts. Edit-detection circuitry with 3:2 pull-down provides the smoothest possible images from film-based video sources. Faroudja’s patented Cross-Color suppression and 10-bit adaptive digital comb filtering enhance color purity and image detail. The FPV-1 features inputs for HD/computer, component video, S-video, and composite, and an RGB video output. It has front-panel controls for brightness, color, contrast, tint, and aspect ratio, plus four presets. An RS232 control port allows the processor to work with AMX, Crestron, and other home automation systems.
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