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Questions or concerns about new DVDs including Jurassic Park 3 and Pearl Harbor?
12/21/01 - During a recent software testing session in our labs we have encountered a problem with several newly released DVDs that we want to make you aware of. Specifically we have experienced problems with Jurassic Park 3, Pearl Harbor, and Atlantis. The problem in question is related to audio dropouts at various points throughout both movies when playing the Dolby Digital soundtrack. After conducting a thorough investigation into this issue we have identified what we believe to be the cause of the problem and would like to make you aware of our findings and a recommended solution. Our testing shows the audio dropout problem to be isolated to the Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack. The DTS 5.1 soundtrack plays back without exhibiting any problems. Therefore we strongly recommend that you switch to the DTS soundtrack when available to realize the full potential of your equipment and the home theater experience. Likewise you can also play back the disc using Dolby ProLogic or ProLogic II without any problems. You can select these alternative audio options from the DVD’s software menu, which frequently load automatically after playback begins. Typically the additional audio tracks can be found in the opening menu under “Audio” or “Languages”, but may vary slightly from disc to disc. If you have questions regarding your specific equipment please contact our Customer Support Department. We have only been able to verify the problem with three titles: Jurassic Park 3, Pearl Harbor, and Atlantis. We will update our web site if more information becomes available. We have been able to verify that the problem exists on the majority of our new receiver line. We are currently testing other models and will post the results in the near future. We understand that other equipment manufacturers are experiencing similar problems. In addition, Dolby is working to develop a hardware box capable of modifying the Dolby Digital bitstream to ensure full compatibility with all products affected by this problem. Further details regarding this solution will be provided as it becomes available. Thank you for your understanding and patience regarding this matter. We will keep you updated as we gain further information.
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