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Integra Debuts Multi-Platform Tuner and Interchangeable Modules For Custom Installation
09/14/06 -

Integra, the leading manufacturer of home theater and distributed audio electronics for custom installation, introduced the TUN-3.7 modular tuner platform to installers at the CEDIA Expo here today. This high quality source unit features a rear-panel port that is compatible with multiple interchangeable tuner modules for AM/FM, Satellite Radio, and HD radio. This allows installers to offer their clients various combinations of radio source options from a single basic hardware platform that is ideal for integration with whole-house distributed audio installations.

Initially, Integra is releasing two tuner modules, one offering basic AM/FM only, and the other offering AM/FM, HD Radio, and XM Satellite radio all from a single unit. All tuner modules designed for use with the Integra TUN-3.7 are also compatible with Integra's DTR-10.5 modular A/V receiver, making it simpler for custom installation professionals to stock and provide multiple radio source options to their customers, regardless of the type and size of the installation.

The Integra TUN-3.7 is designed specifically to meet the needs of custom installation professionals, and is preprogrammed with three distinct IR code sets to allow for integration of multiple tuner units in a single home entertainment system. It features direct-access tuning for simpler integration with whole-house automation and control systems. The tuner base includes a rear-panel RS-232 port as well as input and output jacks for 12 volt trigger and IR signals, allowing it to integrate seamlessly with nearly any installation and control system.

The Integra TUN-3.7 base includes a total of forty radio presets assignable to any band the installed tuner module is compatible with, and is capable of both automatic and preset scan tuning for convenience. It features a sturdy black aluminum housing, and is currently available at a suggested retail price of $250.

C-AMFM Tuner Module
Integra's C-AMFM tuner module features high sensitivity AM and FM tuning circuitry for reception of terrestrial radio stations. It boasts 40 dB stereo separation, stereo signal-to-noise ratio of 67 dB, and IHF sensitivities of 15.2 dBF for mono and 22.2 dBf for stereo. The Integra C-AMFM tuner module is currently available at a suggested retail price of $100.

C-HDXM Tuner Module
In addition to standard AM/FM reception, the Integra C-HDXM tuner module is capable of receiving higher quality HD Radio signals broadcast along with some standard AM and FM broadcasts. It is also compatible with the XM Passport system and the Connect and Play antenna, letting XM Satellite Radio subscribers access and enjoy over 160 digital channels of audio entertainment directly from their TUN-3.7 tuner or DTR-10.5 A/V receiver. The Integra C-HDXM tuner module is currently available at a suggested retail price of $300.

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