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OLED Keypad for MZA-4.7
The KPC-2.8 is a fully programmable 2.8" color OLED touchscreen capable of learning and sending IR commands and can be used as a stand-alone keypad to control virtually any IR or RS-232 (when used with the R4) controlled device. When the KPC-2.8 is used with the Integra MZA-4.7 multi-zone amplifier, full 2-way feedback of source selection, power, mute and volume status is provided. Full 2-way RS-232 control and paging outputs are available on the KPC-2.8 when used with the R4 router and pre-built applets provided in the setup software. The KPC-2.8 included a host of features to simplify programming and control of source equipment. Page layout and button design and setup are limited only by your imagination.


Specifications and features subject to change without notice.

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