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6.1 Channel THX Surround EX Digital Receiver
Whether you are building your first home theater or upgrading your existing system, you need a good, solid foundation. You also need a receiver that's not going to be obsolete in six months. And, preferably, one that offers a mix of high-end construction, full-bandwidth power, versatile digital processing, comprehensive connectivity and an attractive price. Well, you found it. In addition to built-in Dolby Digital, Pro Logic, DTS and DTS-ES Matrix decoding, this masterpiece of engineering decodes the latest surround-sound sensation - THX Surround EX-encoded DVD's - and provides 6.1 channels of independent amplification, so you can immediately enjoy the benefits of THX Surround EX (greater 3-D effects and sound location) without having to buy and hook-up an external amplifier.Another very important advantage - THX-Select certification - which means when other A/V receivers start to feel the strain, the DTR-7.1 kicks into higher gear to match the pace of the action - because it's designed and officially certified to be driven hard.The DTR-7.1 also introduces a slew of other features never before available in this price range, most notably extensive systems-integration capabilities for custom installation setups. For example, it has a powered Zone 2 audio output, which means, unlike most multiroom-capable receivers, you don't need an external amplifier to enjoy a stereo audio source (radio, CD, MD, LP, or cassette) in the main room, while at the same time your partner listens to a different stereo source in another room.Other custom installation features include line-level outputs for a second zone amplifier to power whole-house systems, an RS-232 terminal that allows you to use touchscreen controllers from other manufacturers, an infrared-sensor input on the back panel so you can control the DTR-7.1 from another room or if it's inside a cabinet (with optional accessories), and two assignable and configurable 12-volt triggers to activate your power amps, drop the screen, close the drapes, dim the lights - you name it.


Specifications and features subject to change without notice.

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