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7.1 Channel A-BUS Ready Home Theater Receiver
Truly world class in its features, performance, connectivity and value. The DTR-6.5's THX Select certification, 7.1 channels of processing, and system integration features are traits not often found in receivers at even twice the price.

THX Select
This certification from THX is your guarantee that the DTR-6.5 will perform in even the most demanding home theaters. And with its 7.1 channels of processing and amplification, the DTR-6.5 tranforms an ordinary room into your own private screening room and concert hall.

Another industry first - Integra was the first electronics company to adopt this innovative technology for receivers. A-BUS is a simple, elegant system that redefines multi-room audio distribution. A single wire to each room carries the audio and control signals to an easy-to-use amplified keypad. And with its built-in IR repeating system, you can use the DTR-6.5's remote control to operate the entire system from any room.

Superb Audio Performance
The DTR-6.5's bass management feature allows low frequency signals from any input source to be redirected to the subwoofer, which is particularly useful if you enjoy listening to high-resolution formats such as DVD-Audio and SACD. The latest digital-to-analog converters will ensure the purest reproduction of your collection of movies and music.

The DTR-6.5's component video inputs are capable of passing high-definition (HD) signals for superb video quality. All composite and S-video inputs are converted to component video using time-base correction circuitry to correct video timing errors. Also included is a family of control inputs and outputs to accommodate complex home theater installations.


Specifications and features subject to change without notice.

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