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7.1 Channel Two Zone XM Ready Receiver
Affordable excellence. The XM Ready DTR-5.6 represents a great value for even the most discerning home theater enthusiast. Its full 7.1 processing and intuitive user interface are traits not often found in receivers at even twice the price.

XM Satellite Radio
It’s time to rediscover radio! XM features over 150 digital, CD-quality channels - over 30 channels of news, sports, talk, and entertainment; over 20 dedicated channels of XM Instant Traffic & Weather; and over 60 channels of commercial-free music from the deepest playlist in the industry.

Audio Performance
The DTR-5.6 carries the latest in surround decoding and processing, as well as high-quality digital-to-analog converters. High current power into seven channels, combined with wide-range amplifier technology, make this receiver the "poster child" of affordable excellence.

Video Performance
A competent receiver must be able to cope with the myriad of sources available to today’s home theaters. The component video inputs are capable of passing high-definition (HD) signals for superb video quality. All composite and S-video inputs are converted to component video using time-base correction circuitry to correct video timing errors, which makes the video system easier to connect and operate.

IntelliZone Multi-Room
At Integra, we understand that you don't live in one room of your home. That’s why the DTR-5.6 includes our IntelliZone family of second room features such as independent source selection, Powered Zone 2 capability, automatic turn-on volume level, maximum volume level, and even bass/treble/balance controls!


Specifications and features subject to change without notice.

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