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7.1 Channel A-BUS Ready Home Theater Receiver
The DTR-5.5 has more in common with higher end (and higher priced) home theater receivers than other "entry-level" models. With 7.1 processing and powered second zone capability, your entire home can become a private concert hall.

Audio Performance
Unlike typical "entry-level" receivers, the DTR-5.5 boasts 7.1 channels including the latest in surround decoding and processing, as well as high-quality digital-to-analog converters. High current power, combined with proprietary wide-range amplifier technology, define this receiver as anything but entry-level or typical.

Video Performance
A competent receiver must be able to cope with the myriad of sources available for home theaters today. The component video inputs are capable of passing high-definition (HD) signals for superb video quality. All composite and S-video inputs are converted to component video using time-base correction circuitry to correct video timing errors, which makes the video system easier to connect and operate.

The DTR-5.5 includes connections for this simple, elegant multi-room audio distribution system. With A-BUS, a single wire to each room carries the audio and control signals to an easy-to-use in-wall keypad. And with its built-in IR repeating system, you can use the DTR-5.5's remote control to operate the system from any room.

Musical Mobility
At Integra we understand that you don't live in one room of your home. Why then would you want your music to be confined to only the home theater? The DTR-5.5 answers the call with its variety of second room features, like its ability to power an additional pair of speakers in another room while still maintaining 5.1 channels in the home theater.


Specifications and features subject to change without notice.

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