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Premium 301-Disc DVD/CD Mega-Changer
Clearly one of the best delivery machines youve ever heard, the DPT-1 is built to be a cut above. Its also the best way to keep your entire DVD and CD collection in an amazingly small space. Of course, any collection needs room to expand. Thats why the DPT-1 can be daisy-chained with another DPT-1 for unified access to as many as 601 discs. To make it easy to organize and access your discs, the DPT-1 lets you group them according to preset categories (Rock, Jazz, etc.), or make custom labels of your own liking. You can also hook the DPT-1 up to a computer keyboard for easy text entry.Rare features include an RS-232 port to give you two-way touch pad communications in custom installations, CD-r & CD-RW playback, and the ability to pass the complete 96/24 signal through its digital output, which allows you to use the DPT-1 as a transport for 96/24 audio DVDs.


Specifications and features subject to change without notice.

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