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FAQ's for General Information
I am planning to use a Middle Atlantic rack mount kit with one of your models and they don’t have it listed in their database. What can I do?
What is the model number of the XM Mini-Tuner and Mini Home Doc?
Purchasing Integra Products
What does HDMI Pass Thru mean?
I am not getting sound from the receiver and there aren’t speaker icons displayed on the receiver.
Does Integra make worldwide models, with the ability to switch from 120 V to 220 V?
Does the on/off button on the Integra A-Bus keypad power up the Integra receiver or only the keypad itself?
Does the A-BUS IR remote allow the user to power up the receiver by aiming the remote at the IR window on the A-Bus Keypad?
Can music sources be changed on the receiver from the A-Bus IR window using the A-BUS remote?
What is the best video connection that I can use for my TV monitor?


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