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FAQ's for DVD
I recently purchased a “DualDisc” title and it does not play on my DVD player. Is there something wrong with my player or is it a problem with the disc?
Are DVDs categorized by region and will all regions play back on my Integra DVD player?
When playing Dolby Digital 5.1 encoded DVDs I can hear audio in Stereo or Pro-Logic but not in Dolby Digital. What am I doing wrong?
What is the best way to connect the audio from an Integra DVD Player to a Dolby ProLogic (analog) receiver?
How do I hookup my Integra DVD player directly to my television.
Why is an analog audio connection recommended when also using a digital audio connection?
Why do some of the DVD movie discs pause at one point during the movie?
My DPC-7.5 or DPC-8.5 plays DVDs but will not play CDs. What is wrong? Does my player require service?


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