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DateModelFirmware TypeFileSize
02/19/14DHC-60.5Update Instructions Download 575 KB
02/19/14DHC-60.5USB Firmware Download Hosted
02/19/14DHC-80.3Update Instructions Download 393 KB
02/19/14DHC-80.3USB Firmware Download Hosted
02/19/14DTR-40.3Update Instructions Download 391 KB
02/19/14DTR-40.3USB Firmware Download Hosted
02/19/14DTR-50.3Update Instructions Download 391 KB
02/19/14DTR-50.3USB Firmware Download Hosted
02/19/14DTR-60.5Update Instructions Download 575 KB
02/19/14DTR-60.5USB Firmware Download Hosted
02/19/14DTR-70.3Update Instructions Download 393 KB
02/19/14DTR-70.3USB Firmware Download Hosted
02/19/14DTR-70.4Update Instructions Download 597 KB
02/19/14DTR-70.4USB Firmware Download Hosted
02/19/14DTR-80.3Update Instructions Download 393 KB
02/19/14DTR-80.3USB Firmware Download Hosted
12/04/13DTM-40.4Update Instructions Download 580 KB
12/04/13DTM-40.4USB Firmware Download Hosted
12/03/13DTR-30.5Update Instructions Download 574 KB
12/03/13DTR-30.5USB Firmware Download Hosted
12/03/13DTR-40.5Update Instructions Download 574 KB
12/03/13DTR-40.5USB Firmware Download Hosted
12/03/13DTR-50.5Update Instructions Download 577 KB
12/03/13DTR-50.5USB Firmware Download Hosted
10/24/13DTR-20.3Update Instructions Download 390 KB
10/24/13DTR-20.3USB Firmware Download Hosted
10/18/13DTR-20.4Update Instructions Download 641 KB
10/18/13DTR-20.4USB Firmware Download Hosted
10/18/13DTR-30.3Update Instructions Download 390 KB
10/18/13DTR-30.3USB Firmware Download Hosted
10/18/13DTR-30.4Update Instructions Download 641 KB
10/18/13DTR-30.4USB Firmware Download Hosted
10/18/13DTR-40.4Update Instructions Download 643 KB
10/18/13DTR-40.4USB Firmware Download Hosted
10/18/13DTR-50.4Update Instructions Download 632 KB
10/18/13DTR-50.4USB Firmware Download Hosted
10/26/12DBS-30.3Update Instructions Download 222 KB
10/26/12DBS-30.3USB Firmware Download Hosted
10/26/12DBS-50.3Update Instructions Download 222 KB
10/26/12DBS-50.3USB Firmware Download Hosted
07/05/12DHC-40.2Update Instructions Download 140 KB
07/05/12DHC-40.2USB Firmware Download Hosted
07/05/12DHC-80.2Update Instructions Download 159 KB
07/05/12DHC-80.2USB Firmware Download Hosted
07/05/12DTR-40.2Update Instructions Download 140 KB
07/05/12DTR-40.2USB Firmware Download Hosted
07/05/12DTR-50.2Update Instructions Download 140 KB
07/05/12DTR-50.2USB Firmware Download Hosted
07/05/12DTR-70.2Update Instructions Download 159 KB
07/05/12DTR-70.2USB Firmware Download Hosted
07/05/12DTR-80.2Update Instructions Download 159 KB
07/05/12DTR-80.2USB Firmware Download Hosted
10/29/10DBS-30.2Update Instructions Download 180 KB
10/29/10DBS-30.2CD Firmware Download 37,878 KB
10/29/10DBS-30.2CD Instructions Download 236 KB
10/01/10DHC-40.1Update Instructions Download 162 KB
10/01/10DHC-40.1USB Firmware Download 13,837 KB
10/01/10DHC-80.1Update Instructions Download 140 KB
10/01/10DHC-80.1USB Firmware Download 15,719 KB
10/01/10DTR-40.1Update Instructions Download 162 KB
10/01/10DTR-40.1USB Firmware Download 13,837 KB
10/01/10DTR-50.1Update Instructions Download 162 KB
10/01/10DTR-50.1USB Firmware Download 13,837 KB
10/01/10DTR-70.1Update Instructions Download 140 KB
10/01/10DTR-70.1USB Firmware Download 15,719 KB
10/01/10DTR-80.1Update Instructions Download 140 KB
10/01/10DTR-80.1USB Firmware Download 15,719 KB
Firmware Updates: DTR-5.8


A firmware update for the DTR-5.8 is now available through Integra ’s Independent Regional Service Centers. This update will address the product’s ability to decode the Dolby Digital, Dolby TrueHD, DTS HD High Resolution and Master Audio bit stream signals when products incorporating this capability become available in the market.

See if your unit will benefit from this update.

Firmware Updates: DHS-8.8


As part of our commitment to provide world-class service to our customers, Onkyo is supplying a firmware update for use by purchasers of the DHS-8.8 HD DVD Player. This firmware update improves support for 1080p/24Hz OUTPUT and auto mode, improves network connectivity supporting the download of web-enabled network content associated with certain HD DVD discs. In addition, this firmware update provides High Bit Rate Audio functionality for the DHS-8.8 player. When integrated through the HDMI connection to a 7.1 capable multi-channel A/V receiver, High Bit Rate Audio has the potential to offer the latest in high definition surround sound.

Find out more details and how to get this update.

Firmware Updates for Nettune


Firmware updates are available for some Integra products. Note: All firmware updates are cumulative. You only need to download and apply the latest revision to benefit from all the fixes and/or enhancements of previous versions.
NETTUNE Firmware upgrades are available for the following models:

This firmware upgrade fixes two problems:

Improvement to play WMA files created by Windows Media Player 10
The radio station reception rate of the Internet radio has improved.

Please note: DTR-10.5 can ONLY be upgraded at a service center. You cannot download a firmware update online. Find your local service center by clicking here.
After downloading the appropriate file, please refer to the documentation that is part of the ZIP file for instructions on how to update your firmware.


MAKE SURE NET-TUNES IS DISABLED prior to updating. This can be done by going in to your Net-Tunes software, clicking "Setup", and DESELECTING "Starts the server automatically when the PC starts up." Then, if the Server Control box says "Active", click Stop. After you save the chances and close the box, if you still see the Net-tunes logo in your system stray, right click and select Exit.
Updating the firmware requires about 25 minutes to complete. Make sure that you have enough time before starting the firmware upgrade. During the upgrade, should any loss of power occur, or should any cables become unplugged, your receiver will become non-functional and will need to be sent to a service center to be repaired.
Updating the firmware will overwrite any saved settings on your receiver (i.e. Speaker Setup, Input Setup, etc. as well as any preset Internet radio stations and FM/AM radio stations). You will need to manually reset this information after the firmware update has been completed. You can use the “Setting Memo” column, found on the last page of the manual downloaded with the firmware ZIP file, to document your settings prior to running the firmware upgrade.
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